Norman Wrassle

Sir Norman Wrassle

At long last, the TMB 2021 Diary is here!  After a five year gap, the first copies started landing on people’s doormats today, and more copies will be posted out over the coming days as the TMB works hard to fill the advance orders we received.  We hope they are well received.

In the meantime, because of the delays we experienced with the printing, we have extended the pre-publication offer until 15 November 2020 – copies can be purchased for just £6.99.  This is a remarkable saving, by any standard.

I should perhaps point out that the TMB receives no government funding. In our early days, we enjoyed a robust income from a small levy on all tripe sales.  As sales of tripe declined, so did our income, and we were forced to become much more creative in generating revenue.  Money raised through the sale of our Diaries, other books and merchandise is really all that keeps us afloat these days.  If this strategy fails, we may be reduced to Crowdfunding or setting up some kind of subscription model for our news output, similar to that adopted by Owen Jones.

I hope you will support Europe’s favourite meat-based marketing board by purchasing a copy of the Diary – I’d hate to have to stoop to those levels.

Yours sincerely


Sir Norman Wrassle

Chairman, Tripe Marketing Board