A vacancy has been created for a new board member at the Tripe Marketing Board following the decision by Phil Latham to retire from his position early.


Phil Latham

Originally from Lancashire, Phil was no stranger to tripe as a youngster, but embraced veganism and permaculture once he was old enough to make his own mind up.  After graduating in BA(Hons) Fine Art at Newcastle(1980) and taking a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Manchester (1981), he moved to live work in Perthshire, Scotland.

He met a representative of the TMB at the Wigan Digger’s Festival in 2013, and agreed to join the board to represent vegan interests. At the time, the move was criticised by other meat-based marketing boards but TMB Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle endorsed the appointment in his famous ‘Embrace the Times’ speech to that year’s annual conference.

Phil continues to enjoy creating works of art, growing his own vegetables and developing his large garden using permaculture principles.  Sir Norman has thanked him for his contribution to tripe, saying, “Whenever we previously held out an olive branch to the vegans, they usually just snatched it away and made a tasty olive tapenade.  Phil was the first to respond in an open and positive way, and we are grateful for his work with us over the years.”

The news comes as the TMB is about to publish its industry 2021 Diary, which traditionally includes details of our board members. Thankfully, although it is available for pre-order, it has not yet gone to print, so no copies will have to be pulped.  Mr Latham has however expressed an interest in recycling any unsold copies, as usual.