STOP PRESS: FROM 22 December 2020 the TMB will now donate £2 per copy purchased.

The Tripe Marketing Board’s annual Christmas appeal for the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society took a different turn this week when one of TMB Books’ publications – Forgotten Yorkshire and Parts of North Derbyshire and Humberside – was the subject of an unexpected discount by online retail giant Amazon.

Overnight, the book dropped from £9.99 to just 99p.  Now we urgently need your help.

We’re donating £1 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society for every copy bought at this offer price.

This allegedly funny book has the potential to do great good the higher it climbs up the bestseller charts. Here’s how:

Every copy you buy means we’ll give £1 to the MS Society.  We receive sales reports five days after purchases, and as of yesterday (18 December) we know a lot of people are buying this book, so thank you!  We estimate you’ve already helped raise £300 in the first few days. But the potential is there to raise so much more while the offer is on.  Here’s how you can help:

  • Buy a copy via this link: (you can buy up to 3 copies per person so please do so if you can, and we’ll donate £1 for each copy you buy)
  • Ask or beg your friends and family to do the same – even if it means popping a copy or two in their trolley when they’re buying something else: tell them how they’re helping raise money for the MS Society, a cause dear to our heart.

How you can do even more good:

  • Take any copies you buy which you don’t want to your local charity shop. They should be able to sell these for way more than £1 as the RRP (printed on the back) is £9.99.  If you pay tax, the charity can also claim Gift Aid on any money they raise from the sale.
  • Drop copies off at your local library who may be grateful at a time when their budgets are falling
  • Offer them as raffle prizes in any groups to which you belong

Please remember to act fast, as this discount may be removed by Amazon at any time.

I have this additional pledge to you.  As I write, the book is at #1470 in the Amazon Bestseller Ranking. If it rises into the top 1000, I’ll personally donate an additional £200 to the total raised from sales. If it reaches the top 100, I’ll make a further £200 donation.

Help us raise a huge amount this Christmas!

Thank you

Sir Norman Wrassle


Tripe Marketing Board


The UK Multiple Sclerosis Society is the TMB’s chosen charity. Our followers on Facebook and Twitter have helped us raise  over £4000 since we started fundraising for them. This year we’d like to really bolster that!