The Tripe Marketing Board has unveiled a new cinema advertisement as part of its campaign to promote World Tripe Day 2020.

The TMB’s World Tripe Day ad

The advert – which will be shown in selected cinemas in north west England during matinee performances – is aimed at older people in the area who have not yet become accustomed to celebrating the occasion, even though the day is now firmly rooted in the calendar of many people across the globe.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said the aim was to use media coverage of World Tripe Day to cement in viewers’ minds the idea that all tripe lovers could use the day to celebrate the wonder of tripe.

“We got a particularly good deal for the adverts as audiences aren’t yet building up to their Christmas peak, so it was a good time to take the initiative,” Sir Norman said.

The ads will première in Preston and will be rolled out across the region over the next two weeks, as well as being promoted via social media.