The Tripe Marketing Board may be on the verge of withdrawing from Twitter, following an analysis of its social media strategy by consultants Bootle Pegarty Strand.

A report from BPS Media says it is increasingly difficult for consumers to differentiate the TMB’s offering on Twitter from the thousands of other tripe accounts, and that more focus should be given to tripe’s Facebook page to spread the board’s message.

Andre Gillespie of the Salford-based media consultancy and the author of the report said, “There’s just too much tripe on Twitter. People are literally drowning in the stuff. Even if the TMB trebled its social media budget to £600, there would be no hope of its voice being heard.”

TMB chairman said it was “too early to say” whether the  TMB should jettison Twitter. “We’ll look at all the options, whether that be Facebook or Instagran, in an attempt to promote tripe,” he said.