The European Office of Tripe Consumption has rescinded a long-running sanction that had limited the Tripe Marketing Board’s promotional activities following claims that the TMB was ‘politicising tripe’.  The dispute dates from January 2021, when our website featured a humorous comment on the US presidential inauguration ceremony.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle – who had defended the comment as ‘harmless fun’ – said he was delighted that the dispute was now settled. “It means we can get back to our core business of marketing tripe, which is good for Britain as there is currently a surplus hereabouts,” he said.

The sanction also meant that the TMB had been limited to issuing no more than five Tweets per day – less than 1% of its usual social media output.  “Now that we’re firing on all cylinders, I have no doubt we’ll soon see tripe trending again,” Sir Norman said.