It’s that time of the year again, when tripe-lovers all over the globe get the chance to celebrate their enduring love of tripe on their own special day!

Few foods are more maligned or reviled than tripe. No other meat is the victim of such prejudice. People eat liver, kidneys and tongue without fear of being mocked. But not tripe-lovers.  Most people either loathe it or hate it. But for some people, like celebrated London chef Fergus Henderson, it is a thing of great beauty:

“Tripe is a beautiful thing. It brings you back from the edge when you think there’s no hope.” 

Activities are bound to be a little more muted this year, but those who love tripe have never let war, famine or pandemics get in the way of their passion.  Previous events in Rome, Sofia and Lisbon have attracted worldwide interest, but this year we’re more likely to be celebrating in the comfort of our own homes.

So, how can you mark the big day?

Here are our 10 Top Tips for making your World Tripe Day a day to remember:

1 Buy some tripe. Ask your butcher to get some in for you, or visit Tripe Adviser for details of stockists. Your local Polish shop may also be able to help – just ask for ‘flaki’!

2  Spread the word about World Tripe Day. Tell your friends and workmates, your local paper or radio station.

3 Cook some tripe – rustle up your favourite recipe and showcase it to the world on Twitter, Facebook and Instagran.

4 Join Tripe Club – the No. 1 tripe-based membership organisation in the UK.

5 Find out if any Zoom tripe-related activities are being planned where you live to celebrate World Tripe Day. If there aren’t any, why not organise something yourself?

6 Buy a tripe book and spend the day enjoying it.

7 Watch out for the results of the Grand Final of #TripeDog 2020.

8 Write a tripe poem and share it with your social media friends.

9 Paint a tripe picture.

10 After the big day send us your stories and pictures of how you celebrated World Tripe Day, via @TripeUK on Twitter.


Why is World Tripe Day celebrated on 24 October? 

Tripe is mentioned twice in Samuel Pepys Diary. On 24 October 1662, Pepys wrote:

‘So home and dined there with my wife upon a most excellent dish of tripes of my own directing’

On the other date on which he mentions eating tripe, 9 April 1664, he threw up so it was not felt to be a suitable date on which to celebrate World Tripe Day.