Does tripe taste as good as it looks? Yes.

Is tripe kosher? It depends on the religion of the cow.

Is tripe safe to eat? That depends. Tripe has to be cleaned meticulously before it is fit for human consumption.

Where is my nearest tripe retailer? It depends where you live. Visit Tripe Adviser to discover your local stockist.

Does tripe taste as bad as it looks? Looks aren’t everything, madam. Just ask any radio presenter.We are sure once you try it you’ll be hooked.  It's personality that counts.

Can I join Tripe Club? Yes you can!  Just visit the link above to join now.  Or why not buy a membership pack as a surprise gift for your wife, husband or even the one you love?

Is tripe expensive? It depends on how much you buy. Tripe prices can go up as well as down.

Can I buy a CHOOSE TRIPE t-shirt? Yes. Literally dozens of people already have.

Is the Tripe Marketing Board publishing a 2019 Diary? No - the TMB last published its Diary in 2016 after which the price of dates on the world market made production costs prohibitive.  However, Sir Norman Wrassle has indicated he would like us to publish a 2020 Diary, so please watch this space.

So what? I don't need a diary, anyway. Do you sell any other books? No, not really.  But it's not for the want of trying.  We're the most versatile meat marketing board in the UK. Visit TMB Books for more details. We have a growing reputation for Fact Free and Fact Lite history.

That's all very well, but I hate Amazon. Not a problem. So do we. That's why you can also buy our books direct from TMB Books.

Is the Tripe Marketing Board on Twitter? Of course. We're @TripeUK - and there's no charge for following us.

When is Tripe Tuesday? The first Tuesday in December.

Is tripe suitable for vegetarians? Not as such. But a surprising number of vegetarians follow us on Twitter.

Does the TMB pen really exist? Yes.

Is tripe like garlic? Does it smell? No. Tripe doesn't smell like garlic.

Is the Tripe Marketing Board real? That depends on your definition of reality.

Can I work for the Tripe Marketing Board? That depends on your qualifications, industry knowledge and level of keenness or desperation. But visit Jobs at the TMB if you're interested.

Who funds the Tripe Marketing Board?  Unlike other marketing boards we could mention, we don't receive a penny of government assistance. All our income comes from the sale of books and merchandise. Why not treat yourself to a tripe gift?

Do I have to be northern to enjoy tripe? No. Many people who live outside of the north also buy tripe.

Are vegans humourless? Generally, yes.

Is the TMB on Twitter?
Yes. We've already answered that one. @TripeUK Please pay attention.

I am under 85. Can I eat tripe? Yes! It's the latest 'thing'. Try Lancashire Calamari - tripe smothered in a tasty batter.

Still none the wiser?
Got a question for tripe you've been burning to ask?
Why not contact us?  Our chairman is happy to deal with your queries!