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It's Always the Children

Gillian Large began life the hard way in the late 1940s. Although her mother had a wealthy, privileged upbringing, Gillian was born into an inner world of squalor and chaos. In It’s Always the Children, Gillian takes you on a roller coaster ride of her early family life to womanhood with courage, inner strength and humour.

Readers' praise for It's Always the Children

"Well done Gillian, for having the courage and determination to write about your life"- Lesley

"A very honest account of shocking emotional and physical abuse during her childhood and early teenage years."  - Lorna Tomb

"Gillian rises above the horrors of a childhood snatched away from her before it had a chance to even start with faith, energy and compassion for her siblings and those around her. Remarkable." - Norfolkian

398pp      ISBN  978-0957314177   RRP £11.99

Tales from the Hills: Secrets of the Staffordshire Moorlands

This collection brings together over 50 original articles by local historian and newspaper columnist Bill Cawley. Its subject matter is immense, ranging from famous 19th century visitors to the Staffordshire Moorlands, its literary connections and witchcraft, through to its links with the American Civil War, Antarctic expeditions and even James Bond. You will rapidly warm to Bill's engaging style as you learn more about a part of England with a proud history. 

Readers' praise for Tales From the Hills:

“An interesting read ... something for everyone. - Diane Garrett

"Bill Cawley tells a good tale!" - Derek

202pp  ISBN 978-0957314191  RRP £11.99

From Pit Town to Battlefields: 1914-1916 Mexborough & The Great War

The story of Mexborough and its people during the Great War.

In From Pit Town to Battlefields: 1914-1916, Mexborough in the Great War Bill Lawrence presents the story of the town and its people during the first two-and-a-half years of the ‘war to end all wars’.

Using a wealth of original archive material together with items from the local newspaper, The Mexborough and Swinton Times this account provides a vivid picture of life on the Home Front and on the killing fields of Western Europe.

Apart from presenting an account of the war years themselves, this book also examines the crucial years immediately preceding the outbreak of hostilities. An invaluable introduction to those with an interest in the Great War, and an in-depth look at the way everyday life continued during the conflict, From Pit Town to Battlefields is essential reading for anyone with a desire to know more about that war and both the people and history of Mexborough.

About the author

Bill Lawrence was born in Doncaster, but brought up in Luton. His first employment was as a railway worker before attending university where he graduated in British history and sociology, later gaining a post graduate degree in industrial relations.

Bill is now retired after 30 years as a lecturer and spends much of his retirement organising, researching and writing for Mexborough and District Heritage Society. He is particularly interested in the history of the early 20th century in Britain including the First World War.

408pp   ISBN 978-0993407505   RRP £14.99

Hot Strawberries

The first published collection of work by Peterborough lyricist and performance poet Ron Graves.

Ian McMillan said of Hot Strawberries:

'Here is a collection of poems shaped around a life lived to the full, and a need to explain and illuminate and bear witness to that life; this writing communicates feelings and conveys ideas through rhythm, through the urgency of converting the spoken word to the page, through the care taken to be inclusive and not exclusive.

'There is thought here, and it’s the kind of deep thought that invites you in to swim around in it, not the kind of deep thought that drags you down like quicksand.

'The poetry scene is in good, safe hands at the moment, and Ron’s are a pair of the safest.'


Reader praise for Hot Strawberries:

"an excellent book of poetry, it contains all life has to throw at us and more"

"a delightful book, full of wonderful poems that reach into your emotions. There is joy, laughter, sadness and reflective moments in it. Well worth reading again and again"
Amazon Customer

114pp   ISBN 978-0993407536   RRP £12.99

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