The Tripe Marketing Board has this month announced the appointment of two new board members.

Board members are appointed for periods of between 3 months and 15 years. The are hand-selected for their skills, knowledge and family connections, as well as for their love of tripe. Board members are unpaid, but share a taste or affection for tripe.

Kevin Pulford hails from the Wirral, but in more recent years has spent a significant amount of time in Goa, and has been appointed as Regional Director for Goa and Parts of South West India.  Catherine Dorrell assumes the role of Regional Director for Norfolk and Parts of South Suffolk and brings to the post an abiding fascination for tripe, which was a staple fare in Cheshire where she grew up.

TMB Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle formally welcomed the new members earlier today, saying, “Kevin and Catherine are joining a great institution and I am confident they understand the heavy weight of responsibility that now lies on their shoulders.”

In a separate announcement, Professor Paul Salveson was given additional responsibility for Lancashire alongside his Yorkshire portfolio, and Wyatt Bell has assumed responsibility for France as well as German-speaking parts of Europe. “We’re getting ready for Brexit,” Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman also congratulated board member John Murray on being awarded a professorship for his work on Artificial Intelligence. “We now have two profs on the board, which is two more than the Liver Council ever did,” he said.