Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle will today hail 2021 as a ‘New era for tripe’ when he addresses the Annual General Meeting of the Garstang Soroptimists later this morning.

Speaking in advance of his keynote speech, which will be delivered by Zoom, Sir Norman said: “There’s no doubt in my mind that next year will be a mileshed for us – that’s one step up from a milestone and one down from a watershed.”  Pointing to the success of the TMB’s promotional activities since the summer, Sir Norman said it was no coincidence that 2021 was also the Chinese Year of the Ox.  “All the portents are there – the UK leaving the EU will on its own be a huge impetus for tripe sales as other cuts of meat become increasingly expensive, and a lot of people have been buying our 2021 Diary this year, so they’ll be subliminally thinking about tripe a lot more,” he said.

Sir Norman said that sales of the TMB’s iconic Choose Tripe t-shirt (shown modeled here by Jeff Wrassle, Sir Norman’s nephew) had also been going well. “All in all, 2021 could be the tripest year we’ve seen in a  long time,” he said.