The Tripe Marketing Board has moved swiftly to fill the vacancy for a vegan board member created by the departure of Phil Latham earlier this month.

Lindsey Iqbal

Lindsey Iqbal will assume the role of board member responsible for Greater Manchester (East) and Parts of North Derbyshire, which will include special responsibility for liaison with vegans.  The move comes after Ken Ward (previously with responsibility for Greater Manchester as a whole) agreed to accept additional responsibilities for South West Lancashire in return for losing the eastern portion of his brief.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: “Filling Phil’s hessian-soled shoes wasn’t easy, but we were delighted when one of our supporters on Twitter stepped forward to take on his work with the vegans.  We welcome Lindsey to the board and wish her a fruitful time with us.”

Sir Norman has been particularly keen to ensure that all board vacancies are filled before World Tripe Day on 24 October, which will also see the publication of the TMB’s 2021 Diary (currently available for pre-order).