Tripe Marketing Board board members are appointed for periods of between 3 months and 15 years.  The are hand-selected for their skills, knowledge and family connections, as well as for their love of tripe.  Board members are unpaid.  Vacancies occasionally occur on the board, so if you are interested keep an eye out on our jobs page.

Sir Norman Wrassle

Sir Norman Wrassle is the charismatic and sometimes outspoken chairman of the Tripe Marketing Bord, the UK’s  leading agency for the promotion of tripe.

He left school at the age of 16 and began selling pickled cucumbers from a stall on Wigan market. At the age of 18 he was seriously injured when he fell off the back of a lorry, but made a full recovery and is now not only a highly respected businessman but considered to be one of the leading experts on tripe in the whole of the north of England.

He is never happier than when called upon to talk tripe at conferences, society meetings or on the radio, which he has always seen as the perfect medium for tripe.

Bryan Atkinson
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan was born in 1949 in Newton Le Willows which in those days was in Lancashire.  He is married to Lady Dorothy of Lochaber. After leaving school, he was training for a career in engineering, but this was cut short by a football accident which has left him with a permanent disability.
He returned to college to get a degree in quality assurance and became a manager for a multinational company when he moved to Wigan (where he still lives).
Bryan's taste in food is fairly eclectic and he learned to love tripe in the period of post war austerity and is now determined to put tripe back in its rightful position in the diets of all.
He is the chair of a Wigan charity Embrace Wigan and Leigh, a position which takes up a lot of his spare time.

Jack Hargreaves

Regional Director for East London and West Kent

Originally from Cheshire, Jack began life with ambitions to one day become the host of his own current affairs TV show with a carnivorous slant, but times were hard for the young boy from the wrong side of the Cheshire Tundra.  To make ends meet the teenage Hargreaves was forced to hang around the county's farmyards offering to do various odd jobs for farmers wives.
Eventually, he fled to the big smoke to chase his dream but, having sunk his life savings into Hargreaves On The Slab he quickly established that his weekly meat-based small screen morsels needed a wider audience.  Arming himself with a Twitter account and encountering the TMB was the beginning of a veritable casserole of bizarre and often quite puzzling offal based exchanges.

Professor Paul Salveson

Regional Director for Parts of Yorkshire

Professor Salveson has spent most of his working life with trains and in 2009 was awarded an MBE by HM The Queen 'for services to the railway industry'. This has not prevented him from straying to the left-wing shores of politics.
Having spent time working for the Communist Party in the early 1980s, followed by what he calls "a lamentable lurch to the right" which saw him elected as a Labour councillor in Huddersfield, he now describes himself as a 'devo-lefty' committed to home rule for the North.  He regards the promotion of good, wholesome Northern food as vital to a radical political agenda.
"For too long," he argues, "tripe has been the subject of ridcule by London-based politicians and journalists. It's time to restore tripe to its rightful place on the dinner table of all right-thinking Northerners".

Michael Hargreave Mawson

Director of Customer Experience and Global Head of Aftersales

Michael Hargreave Mawson was born in the North Riding of Yorkshire, and is descended on his father's side from the Hargreave family of Armley and the Mawsons of Acaster Malbis, both of which were well known for their fondness for eating the bleached linings of cows' stomachs. He was educated at Oundle School and at Lancashire's legendary University of Liverpool, as well as at other renowned centres of academic excellence (indeed, he has a rudimentary qualification in marketing from the “University” of Luton). He has extensive experience in many other areas of economic activity which are unaccountably unpopular with the general public, including the nuclear industry, the defence industry, the tobacco industry, and, of course, biological research and development. In recent years, however, he has devoted his talents to history, particularly that of the Victorian era, which, of course, led him inevitably to tripe.

Mr Hargreave Mawson has been a vegetarian since 1985, and freely admits that he has never tasted tripe. As he says, “You don't have to be drunk to flog Scotch, and, in fact, I am told it can often be a hindrance. Same with tripe.”

In filling the role of Director of Customer Experience and Global Head of Aftersales, Mr Hargreave Mawson is responsible for ensuring that each and every one of our customers is completely delighted with our product. No mean task.

Mr Hargreave Mawson would like to make it clear that he is no relation to fellow Director Jack Hargreaves (Regional Director for East London and West Kent). So would Mr Hargreaves.

Phil Latham

Regional Director for Scotland (special responsibility for vegans)

Phil Latham is an artist,vegan and permaculturist.  He was born in Burscough, Lancashire in 1957 and is married with two daughters,three dogs and one cat.
Phil's Lancashire roots mean he is no stranger to tripe, although his vegan principles mean his interest is more artistic than culinary.
Since graduating in BA(Hons) Fine Art at Newcastle(1980) and Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Manchester (1981), he has lived and worked in Perthshire, Scotland. For nearly 30 years he worked with people with disabilities and special needs,enabling them to express themselves through the visual and dramatic arts.  At present he is creating his  own artworks, growing his own vegetables and developing his large garden using permaculture principles.  He also enjoys reading, music, cooking(vegan) and walking his dogs. 

Ken Ward

Regional Director for Greater Manchester

Ken Ward was born in 1949 during both rationing and the heyday of Lancashire Tripe consumption.  Apart from a two year emigration to the Italian conclave of Peterborough, he has lived all his life in Lancashire.
Throughout his life he claims to have been blessed with far greater "common sense" and "awareness" than any paper qualification would confer.
Until very recently he lived a conservative existence with regards to his culinary consumption, but is now a "born again" consumer of all things exotic including tomatoes, spices, dates and the majestic meat product which is tripe.
Ken is a keen photographer and gave up paid employment so that he could be a full time student of imaging and evangelise for Offal Awareness and the virtues of tripe as a 21st century foodstuff.  He represented the board at the inauguration event for World Tripe Day in 2013.

John Murray

Head of Product Development

John Murray was born in Liverpool but emigrated across the Pennines to Barnsley when he was 4 years old. He was introduced to tripe by his pet dog Heidi when his mum bought her some tripe bits from the market.
In 1974, he got a Saturday job at Chapman’s butchers in the newly opened meat and fish market, directly opposite Gosling’s tripe stall where he regularly indulged in a ‘plate of mixed’ in his lunch hour. He also regularly ate tripe at home with his late grandfather who was also a big tripe fan.
He moved to London to attend university and returned home in 1982 but was unable to find permanent work in South Yorkshire in the Thatcher era so he went back to London to take up a job as a computer programmer for Reader’s Digest. Fortunately, the company’s offices, next door to the Central Criminal Court in Old Bailey, were only a stone’s throw from Smithfield market where there was an excellent tripe stall to satisfy his cravings. In 1989 he founded a market research company jointly with former colleagues and then spun off his own data analysis business, a job he still does today having worked on contract for many household name organisations over the years.
John now lives in Chester and enjoys travelling and seeking out tripe dishes such as andouillette (French tripe sausage) and saure kutteln (German pickled sour tripe) on restaurant menus. He enjoys cooking and has experimented with various tripe dishes including tripe fingers, aimed specially at children, tripe dresser’s pie, crispy fried tripe and an English tripe sausage.

Wyatt Bell

Head of Global Supply Chain & Regional Director for German-speaking Parts

Ever wondered how on earth that tripe got onto your plate? Wyatt spends a lot of time doing exactly that. In his role of Director, Global Supply Chain, his responsibility is to support the Board’s strategy and make sure that there is a clearly defined process, from field to plate/bowl, which enables tripe to end up precisely where it is needed, meeting the demands of the most exacting connoisseur, tripe dresser or hound.

Born a Geordie, and proud of his true Northern roots, after leaving university with a degree and a rasping cough, for over 30 years Wyatt has made his career in logistics, and has worked with many of the leading companies in the industry. He now lives with his partner in Switzerland and has tried, without success, to get tripe on the piste.

His grandmother, a Yorkshirewoman, was an avid consumer of tripe, and Wyatt’s first-hand experience, at a very young age, of the aroma of tripe simmering in milk on a bed of onions has left a lasting impression on him. As he says in his own words: “My early exposure to tripe had a profound effect on me. As a consequence, I am determined to ensure that tripe gets exactly the service that it so richly deserves”.

Denise Tomlinson

Regional Director for West London and the South West

Married with three grown up children, Denise is a lifelong resident of what she still insists is called Middlesex, but admits she has been as far north as Blackpool on at least two occasions.
Having previously had a healthy relationship with tripe (largely involving the use of a bargepole) a chance encounter with the Tripe Marketing Board on Twitter changed her life.
After experiencing 'Tripe For Beginners' at The Longs Arms in South Wraxall, this habitual Quorn eater has now embarked on an unexpected mission to bring tripe to West London - whether it likes it or not.

Katrina Murphy

Regional Director for Australia & South East Asia

Katrina Murphy, when not playing at being the Managing Director of Katrina Murphy Industrial Relations in Australia, fully devotes her life to  her real job of being the Tripe Marketing Board's Australian and South East Asia representative. 
Katrina is based in Australia and consults to employer and professional association clients about industrial relations matters, workplace investigations and Human Resources. 
Her current special interest is gauging the effectiveness of serving lashings of piping hot tripe at enterprise bargaining meetings instead of the usual chocolate biscuits and Minties. 
Katrina likes cats, David Bowie, iced coffee, art and Teddy her Tripe Dog, not always in that order. 

Mel Wilson

Regional Director for areas south of Cheshire and north of London

Mel Wilson was born and bred in Huddersfield, so feels truly honoured to have a place on the board of the Lancashire based TMB. Fed on tripe from an early age, she developed a profound love of animals and joined the Vegetarian Society.

Despite her tendency not to eat meat, she cannot suppress her passion for tripe. An inquisitive mind and nomadic tendencies saw her journey from finance at the Yorkshire Bank to IT in South Africa to green energy guru in tripe-free Evesham.

Like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, she firmly believes in the idea of eating from nose to tail if we are to eat meat, and her ambition is to see tripe back in the nation’s stomachs. She is married with two children, none of whom are yet to share her love of tripe.

Matt Bennett

Regional Director, US East

Matt Bennett was born in Hartland, Michigan, USA in 1970 making him our second youngest Board member.  After graduating from Michigan State with a BA in Hospitality Business, he moved to Oregon and fell in love with Janel Ackerman and menudo (the Mexican soup, not the boy band).
They married and opened Sybaris Bistro in Albany, Oregon in 2001.  Matt is the chef and has won several cooking awards and has been nominated two years for the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef Northwest.  They have two daughters and a dog, one of which likes tripe.

Thabo Mophiring

Regional Director for South Africa
(special responsibility for International tripe relations)

Thabo Mophiring is an accomplished Twitterer and  a wannabe writer / poet. He was born in Soweto, South Africa in 1972 and has spent much of his life enjoying tripe at traditional family gatherings. His aunts are accomplished  tripe cooks and they truly know how to make every gathering an occasion with some delicious tripe.
Thabo does work for a living – mainly in the field of Management Consulting, where tripe is sadly rarely ever discussed. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Philosophy which also really have nothing to do with tripe, but seemed a good idea at the time.  

Laura Mullan

Regional Director for East Kent and parts of Sussex and East Surrey

Laura Mullan lives in Kent where she teaches English as a foreign language, a career that started after trying to understand the things her sons said as teenagers. Her interests include renovating old houses using eco-friendly technology, gardening organically, writing, cooking, and tweeting (which is how she first encountered the The Tripe Marketing Board).
After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in English Language and Literature, Laura found that her qualifications in Anglo-Saxon and the works of W.B. Yeats weren’t much use in the business of financial advice. Since then, she has taken on many roles - some voluntary - all of which have been preparing her for the task of promoting tripe, which she feels can’t be too different to persuading a toddler to learn to love sprouts, for example.
Her experiences of British tripe have been limited to what is sold in the form of dog food, which she feeds to Shadow, a Springer Spaniel who came a respectable second to Willy Pongo Coles in the Tripe Dog 2014 competition. Laura does, however, have a recollection of accidentally eating Andouillette while on holiday in France, and finding it enjoyable.  
Laura is married with three children (two at university), a dog, chickens and a dodgy internet connection.

Holly Jahangiri

Regional Director, US South East

Holly Jahangiri was born across the street from the Daytona International Speedway, which she credits for her lifelong habit of going around in circles - very, very fast. In fact, she developed a lifelong love of travel at an early age, and that is where she was introduced to the notion of eating odd foodstuffs purely for the entertainment value. She has gamely tried such terrifying foods as balut, durian, orchids (the sort normally considered  "decoration only"), caviar, escargot, shark fin soup, kangaroo tail soup, and turtle soup, to name a few. Tripe nearly did her in, but she's been won over. "I'm determined not to starve in a post-apocalyptic world. You know, after the Little Green Men turn all the cows inside out, tripe will be the 'low-hanging fruit.'" 

Holly is an avid reader, author of technical manuals and several children's books, and lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband of several decades. Her children are grown, now, and glad to have escaped (most) of her culinary adventures. Her son once shot her in the eye with a Nerf dart for making him try tripe.