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Priceless poems from the Tripe Poet Laureate.

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Over 100 poems from the biro of the Tripe Poet Laureate, Jonathan Humble!

Ranked #9 in the Bonkers Bestseller list on Chris Evans Radio Two Breakfast Show.

While gazing into a highly polished tablespoon one day, Jonathan Humble disappeared. Three days later, with a new best friend called Brian, he re-emerged with the germ of an idea: a jet pack device for moving cows from field to field, thereby solving at a stroke the problems encountered by many a motorist on country lanes. The result of this and other musings – My Camel’s Name Is Brian – is now available for the amusement of readers the world over.

Critical praise for Brian: “the highest order of tripe” Ian McMillan (Beat Poet); “Humble should display no false modesty” Mark Burgess (Author and Illustrator); “wide ranging, inconspicuously thought-provoking and undoubtedly very funny” Helen Perkins (North-West Evening Mail)

106 pages