With Christmas fast approaching, the tricky question of what to buy the ardent tripe-lover in your family or amongst your friends raises its head once more.  That’s why the Tripe Marketing Board has asked its resident wine expert Steph Lunn to guide the way.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said the guidance was long overdue.  “In previous years, we know people have been wandering in a daze around department stores, scratching their heads and sometimes picking up inappropriate gifts that just aren’t appreciated by the recipient.  Steph has collated a surprisingly comprehensive list which we know will bring a smile to anyone’s face,” he said, adding “Tripe may not be appearing on many dinner tables this Christmas, but it should be turning up in quite a few stockings.”

Steph’s list came too late to include the TMB’s recently launched CHOOSE TRIPE t-shirt, which has already proven to be a popular present after it was introduced to our shop on Sunday.

The launch of the guide comes on the day the TMB’s 2021 Diary broke into the Top 100 of the Amazon Business Humour charts – the first time a meat-based diary has appeared there since 2015.  Sir Norman said he was delighted by the news, but cautioned against over-optimism at this stage. “I’ve seen these flash-in-the-pans before,” he said, pointing to the Fried Steak Almanac of 2007 as an example.