The Tripe Marketing Board has launched a line of CHOOSE TRIPE t-shirts just in time for the Christmas market, in a move that TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has described as ‘an absolute game-changer’.

The iconic t-shirts were first made available by the TMB in the 1980s and proved popular with Lancashire youngsters, but were taken off the market after all stock mysteriously disappeared from the board’s Preston offices around three years ago.

At the time, it was feared that militant vegans had stolen the stock and planned to stage public burnings, but last week boxes of the t-shirts were discovered in a room that had remained locked since an intern working for the TMB had left the organisation.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for these items over the years, so we’ve decided to make them available in our online shop,” Sir Norman said.  He went on to say that if the stock could be cleared the board had plans to use the room as a small recording studio, adding “TMB Tripodcasts could be a game-changer, and sale of the t-shirts could help fund this new development.”