Forgotten Yorkshire, the five year old publication from TMB Books dubbed ‘The Little Miracle Worker’, has continued its forward march to raise money for good causes. An estimated £3048 had been raised for Kath’s Place Food Bank in Deptford when the TMB last checked its sales figures this morning – and the figure continues to rise.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was “astounded” at how tripe lovers across the land had risen to the challenge to support Kath’s Place, who had issued an emergency appeal for funding as they approached their busiest time.  “While that little Miracle Worker, as I call it, is on offer it means people can buy three copies for a very modest amount indeed – just £2.97.  That’s less than a pint of bitter in a northern workingman’s club.  Because Amazon continue to pay us full royalties, we can afford to donate £6 to Kath’s Place – or rather less than half a pint of bitter in a south London bistro,” Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman appealed for supporters to continue to buy as many copies as they could afford. “We’ve even had a donor give us a tidy sum which they expressly asked us to use to send copied of Forgotten Yorkshire to charity shops in the county, and Kath’s Place benefits from that, too,” he said.

Meanwhile, additional cash was being raised by other books published by the TMB. “I think the words my grandson used to describe the process is ‘smashing it’,” Sir Norman said.