The Things They Say About Tripe...

"The strangest thing I've eatenHoneycomb tripe. I remember I was filming for a programme called Great Food Live and a woman came on and cooked it. It was truly revolting: the texture was like eating a condom. We're not in the Middle Ages now, so we don't need to eat that."   Paul Hollywood, Independent on Sunday magazine, 5 August 2012

"My memory of tripe is wondering what on earth it was that my grandmother was feeding her dogs that stunk so bad and looked like a dirty bathroom mat."

"I have never eaten tripe but a friend once described it as "like eating your own tongue"."

"My mother used to cook tripe for herself. The rest of the family wouldn't touch it. She cooked it the Scots way, with milk. It looked, and smelled, like a well-used towelling nappy."

"When I was a child - in about 1965 - my mother once gave us tripe and onions for our supper. I couldn't eat it. Nor could my father, or my two brothers. The whole sorry mess was scooped in to the dog's bowl, whereupon the dog (not renowned for her choosiness) took one sniff and backed away..."

"I have never tasted the stuff. An uncle of mine would regularly partake of it, and to my young eyes, it looked like the most disgusting stuff I ever saw. It always reminds me of the movie Aliens when the android is cut in half and his milky-white entrails spilling on the floor."

"I've eaten most things and consider myself very adventurous but tripe is the one thing that defeated me."

"Growing up near Bradford, we used to get it served cold with lots of malt vinegar and salt and pepper, usually on a Friday for some reason. We had white tripe and brown tripe (called elder) served together. The horror of it still lingers."

"It's absolutely disgusting. I'll eat pretty much anything else from an animal but not tripe."

"The texture, the ghastly alien patterning of the dead flesh with its smooth slimy reverse side, is profoundly repulsive.

"Though vegetarian now (for reasons of principle rather than taste), I was a meat-eater and far from fussy as a child, and cheerfully ate and enjoyed black pudding, liver, kidneys, tongue, haggis and even stuffed and roasted ox hearts. But I ate tripe on only one occasion, when given it by an uncle who regarded it as a delicacy, and of whom I was completely terrified - so much so that I couldn't do otherwise than finish every mouthful. I can't remember exactly what it tasted like, only that it was the foulest thing I have ever eaten. I have absolutely no intention of repeating the experience."

All  the above comments  courtesy The Guardian

"I live in the Dominican Republic where tripe is very popular but it is not properly cleaned, except in a very dirty river, nor bleached. It smells foul and tastes nearly as bad..."  (

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