Tripe Marketing Board Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today apologised after rumours began circulating that he had authorised the establishment of a new board to oversee the quality of tripe throughout the entire UK industry.   QualTripe – the suggested name for the new board – would have the authority to standardise all aspects of tripe production, including bleaching, dressing, rabbeting and kerfing.

The rumours began when a planned Zoom talk to the Westhoughton Ladies’ Circle was beset by technical problems.  During the presentation, Sir Norman was heard to say that “For far too long butchers have been able to make their own assessments of the quality of the tripe that they are purveying. This has led to some wide and, quite frankly, unacceptable variations.”  He added that “QualTripe will ensure that everyone, particularly young people – who, let’s face it, have had a difficult summer – will get the quality of tripe that they deserve.”

Sir Norman’s comments were subsequently reported on the Lancashire Radio drive time show Gassing With Gaz, leading to immediate socially distanced protests by Tripe Dressers throughout the county, demanding that they maintain their autonomy over the grading of tripe.

Although QualTripe has not yet been set up, Sir Norman blamed it for the furore.  Speaking from abroad, where he is completing the final stages of a fact-finding trip, he said he had now reconsidered the situation and had decided that it would be fairer for butchers to grade the quality of their meat themselves. “This is not a U turn – it’s just a clarification,” he said.

In a separate statement, Sir Norman apologised to the president of the Ladies’ Circle. “You were inadvertently party to a discussion about something which was never going to happen, anyway, and I am sorry if my lack of proficiency with Zoom allowed you and your members access to what was otherwise an entirely private meeting,” he said.