Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has brushed aside concerns that a recent flood of recruits to the TMB’s Tripe Club could be the result of vegan ‘entryists’.

Tripe Club pack

The new membership pack for Tripe Club

Tripe Club has seen over 40 new recruits since it was relaunched in November, prompting concern amongst some board members that a coup might be in the offing.

Sir Norman said he welcomed the new recruits and that he was relaxed about the increase in membership. “Although the first rule of Tripe Club has always been ‘Pay your £9.99 membership fee and you’re in’, we do have some checks and balances in the system,” he said, suggesting that the rise in numbers reflected a “general increase in people’s interest in tripe”.

Very little of the rise had been due to canine recruits, but Sir Norman said that those who had joined had, on the whole, been “very good boys and girls”, adding “I think we can put the increase down to the fact that Tripe Club membership makes a fun and unusual Christmas gift – and apart from offering a 20% discount on future purchases from the TMB, it really is tremendous value!”