The Tripe Marketing Board today denied that is connected in any way to a new social media account that has emerged in the last week, the Tofu Marketing Board.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he had received a number of queries from tripe lovers who felt aggrieved that the TMB may be sponsoring the vegan promotional body.  Speaking from Savannes in St Lucia, where he has been conducting a fact finding tour over the last month, Sir Norman said: “I am happy to confirm that the Tofu Marketing Board is entirely unconnected with the TMB.”

Sir Norman blamed the confusion on the TMB’s own social media team, who had unwittingly given the tofu account extra publicity by retweeting its first ever tweet to the TMB’s 20,000+ followers on Twitter.  “I’m told that tofu was in the news a bit last week, and it seems our people thought the tweet was quite amusing,” Sir Norman said.  “In the event, the tweet has already been ‘liked’ by over 35,000 people. That’s quite staggering, as the TMB’s own first tweet back in 2012 didn’t garner any likes at all,” he added.

Sir Norman said he wanted to pay tribute to the Tofu Marketing Board’s social media team.  “We’re keen to heal the rift that has sometimes been apparent between vegans and tripe lovers, and the tofu people have certainly got some sharp  people on their Twitter account.  If they ever fancy a job punting tripe, they only need to get in touch,” he said.

Sir Norman is currently en route to the UK before traveling to Budapest for Monday’s World Tripe Day celebrations.