Tripe Marketing Board chairman has dismissed claims by the Chief Executive of British Spleen that the TMB’s 2021 Diary is not selling well.

Offal Monthly

The claims were made in an interview with Mr Derek Farquar published in the December 2020 issue of Offal Monthly, and were immediately challenged by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle.

Mr Farquar had suggested that the Diary’s ranking on the multinational retail website Amazon meant “nobody’s buying it”.  The Diary is currently ranked at 549,944 in Amazon’s Books  category, but Sir Norman said he was not disappointed by this showing. “That’s actually remarkably good for a Tripe Diary,” he said, adding that most sales had been through the TMB’s own website so didn’t show through in the Amazon ranking.

Sir Norman said it was too early to be making an assessment.  “I’m still confident our Diary will be the best-selling meat-based diary in the UK this Christmas – especially when people realise it’s not just a random collection of dates,” he said.