Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today apologised to tripe producers and consumers for the non-appearance of TMB Industry News over the last three months.

He blamed the non-publication on internal factors within the TMB, and denied that the lapse was in any way indicative of any greater difficulties.

“What happened was that the intern in charge of TMB Industry News left his position after he was offered a role in a competitor organisation, but he omitted to advise us that he had left,” Sir Norman said. He said the problem had only been identified late this morning, after which time swift action was taken to install a new editor.

“I myself had got out of the habit of reading TMB Industry News, so the matter hadn’t really reached my desk, and it wasn’t until we received an e-mail querying why it hadn’t been updated in so long that we realised there had been an issue,” he added.

Sir Norman promised that he would personally oversee the prompt and regular updates for which TMB Industry News is famous, as soon as he has returned from his forthcoming fact finding visit to Cyprus. “These are perilous times for tripe, as we approach the 31st October Brexit deadline. I know people will want a strong steer and clear guidance and I pledge we will be there for them,” he said.