The Tripe Marketing Board has announced that it will resume publication of its popular TMB Diary in 2021.  The news comes after TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle announced the successful conclusion of discussions between TMB Books and an anonymous importer of dates.

You might be surprised who reads the TMB Diary…

The TMB first made its trade diary available to the wider general public in 2014 and it rapidly became something of a collector’s item, but the rising cost of dates on the international market meant that production costs became prohibitive and publication ceased in 2016. Sir Norman said he was delighted to have secured a deal which meant that the diary could now resume. “I had at least three emails from people who were very upset that we didn’t produce a diary between 2017 and 2020, so I know there is a demand for it, and I’m pleased to say I have negotiated a fair price for the dates this year,” he said.

Sir Norman said the publication date would be announced shortly.