The Tripe Marketing Board will this week begin a programme of contingency planning to ensure the readiness of the UK tripe industry for Britain staying in the EU.

Speaking at a private gathering of industry leaders last night, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said it was crucial that the TMB took proper precautions for the eventuality.

“Our entire sales strategy for the last three years has been based on the assumption that the prospect of Brexit would force people to try a product to which they had previously turned up their noses. It’s now clear that we must pivot if we are to reach our target of making 2019 the Year of Tripe,” he said.

Sir Norman said the TMB would now be allocating substantial resources to No Brexit Planning, adding “I won’t pretend this is going to be easy but, fortunately, it is also clear that austerity – that great friend of tripe – isn’t over yet.”