Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has described the first week of the TMB’s Christmas Appeal for Kath’s Place food bank as “encouraging”.

Speaking at a hastily-scheduled board meeting yesterday, Sir Norman stressed that the Appeal has two main elements – to encourage awareness of the plight Kath’s Place finds itself in during the run-up to Christmas (and possible direct donations) and also to raise funds through the sale of one of the TMB’s own books, Forgotten Yorkshire.

While the book – a humorous take on local history – is reduced to 99p on Amazon, the TMB has pledged to donate £2 to Kath’s Place for every copy sold.

“People have been incredibly generous. Not only have some donated directly to the Kath’s Place crowdfunder, many have bought the maximum purchase of three copies of Forgotten Yorkshire, meaning a £6 donation is on the way on their behalf,” Sir Norman said.

The book itself was published five years ago and did moderately well at the time, but after a similar price reduction in 2020 it saw a surge in sales and raised £2500 for the MS Society, which was that year’s TMB Christmas Cause.  At the time, Sir Norman described the book as ‘the TMB’s Little Miracle Worker’.

The donations from the book are possible because Amazon continues to pay a royalty to the TMB that’s more than the 99p they charge for the book.

“Some people think it’s an e-book, but it’s not. It makes a fantastic and very funny Secret Santa and, as it’s priced up at £9.99, your friends won’t think you’re stingy. I buy a stock in for all my friends and family every year now,” Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman urged board members and tripe lovers everywhere to buy as many copies as possible while the book is on offer – and to encourage their friends to do the same. “It’s our best way to raise some serious money for Kath’s Place food bank in a very short time indeed,” he said.

Sir Norman went on to suggest that any unwanted copies of Forgotten Yorkshire should be disposed of thoughtfully, by gifting them to a local charity shop so that the 99p Miracle Worker can go on to raise even more money – and laughs too, of course.

Forgotten Yorkshire has garnered dozens of 5 star reviews from readers – including this one:

an absolutely brilliant read which I would not hesitate to recommend to even non-Yorkshire folk. Some parts made me smile, some made me smirk, some made me laugh out loud