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Recent Entries

Tripe TV Programme

You're Fired!  BBC 2

** A Load of Old Tripe

They’ve certainly lowered the bar with this series of The Apprentice. Same formula-big egos + low IQs. The contestants are uninteresting but I'll keep watching but I’ve stopped watching You’re Fired which I now consider to be tripe. Why? It’s the same every week. Smiling made over “no regrets” contestant, boring guests and presenter Desmond O’Dongle’s irritating habit of  constantly saying “errm”

Stacey B, Birkenhead

Tripe TV Programme

The Voice, BBC 1

***** Absolute Tripe

This was on in the background as I was having dinner at a friend’s house the other evening. It was like being stuck in a pub with a loud karaoke competition going on with the participants doing their best to murder some very good songs and mostly succeeding in front of the usual audience of rent-a-gob shriekers and yelpers.

Simon, Manchester

Tripe TV Programme

Pointless, BBC 1

*** Utter Tripe

Filmed before an audience of semi-comatose pensioners on a trip out from their day centres, this show invites contestants to demonstrate their knowledge of mildly esoteric subjects that would perhaps lead them to be given a diagnosis somewhere on the autistic spectrum.  Redeemed only by host Alexander Armstrong's knowing, snide comments.

Debbie, Halton

Tripe Film

Titanic 3-D

*** Utter Tripe

You would think that re-issuing this lamentable film would be a good chance to shave off at least one and a half hours from its length.  My girlfriend hadn't seen this the first time it was out, so I reluctantly agreed to see it for a second time, expecting the 3-D effects would make it worthwhile.  It wasn't.  The film was as turgid as the first time, only slightly more realistically so.

Alan Jackson, Ongar


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