Tripe Club. Never say never.
When the original Tripe Club closed in 1978, it was a sad day for the tripe industry.

Offal Weekly (the meat processing industry's only newspaper at the time) said the inability to sustain the children's membership organisation was proof that tripe had had its day.

Here at the Tripe Marketing Board our motto is to 'Never Ever Say Never Again. Never, Never Again, Ever'. 

Thanks to the resurgence in interest in tripe, Tripe Club is reborn.

Now, you can relive your childhood memories by once again joining the club that has only one rule: pay your one-off membership fee, and you're in.

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For just $18.50 inc P&P, every member gets:

  • A copy of A Brief History of Tripe (2015) worth $8.99
  • A membership certificate
  • A limited edition fridge magnet
  • Access to the exclusive Tripe Club webpages
  • A signed photograph of TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle
  • An exclusive reproduction of the original Tripe Club member's badge
  • Discount vouchers for Tripe books worth $15
PLUS a Tripe Marketing Board pen!


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