Analysis of tripe sales in the first weeks of the final quarter of 2020 indicate that per capita consumption of tripe in the UK may have risen for the first time since 1954, according to industry specialists Ragmore Henderson Leech (RHL Holdings).


Tripe sales may be rising

Tripe sales have fallen for the previous 247 successive quarters, but at a steadily slower pace in recent years, and Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle hailed the news as an indication that tripe may have “finally turned the corner”.

Speaking earlier today from his Lytham home, Sir Norman said, “If true, and the trend continues through November and December, we could be ending the year on a high note,” but warned against premature¬† celebration until the proper seasonal adjustments had been factored in.

November is always a peak month for tripe sales, as consumers turn to comfort food during the long winter nights and the TMB has booked a month-long series of advertisements promoting tripe to run in cinemas across the north west, starting on Thursday.