The Tripe Marketing Board’s online contest to find the canine face of tripe in 2020 has moved to the Semi-Final stage.  With sixteen dogs remaining, the competition is bound to get fierce, and TMB Head of Competitions Sam Frascati has warned tripe lovers to be on the alert for bribery attempts as dog owners battle it out for places in the Grand Final.

Mr Frascati said: “This contest is being held via a series of Twitter polls, but we have already had reports of owners going ‘off grid’ and soliciting votes via Facebook and other social media. This in itself is not a problem, but if we encounter suggestions of bribery, then that’s another matter and we will investigate any ‘cash for votes’ allegations we receive.”

Voting for the Semi-Final opens on the evening of Friday 25 September and contenders are invited to submit a new profile photograph if they wish.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: “I always get excited as we get to the end of Tripe Dog. I personally can’t wait until the final result is declared.”

The Semi-Finals are sponsored by TripeBadges4You.