The Tripe Marketing Board has launched itself on the Mastodon social network platform.  TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle personally approved the decision earlier this week, saying that the time had come for tripe to explore new promotional avenues.  “We can’t claim to fully understand how Mastodon works, but I’m not going to let that stop us,” he told board members during an impromptu WhatsApp video call.

The TMB has a long track record of using new technology to promote tripe. It was one of the first meat-based marketing boards to launch a website and successfully promoted tripe for many years on MySpace. Sir Norman said that the TMB’s social media department would be using all  the lessons it had learned from Twitter, where the TMB’s @TripeUK account had amassed over 20,000 ‘followers’. “I’m sure once we work out how to buy followers on Mastodon we’ll be flying,” he said.

The TMB’s Mastodon account can be found here.