A fact finding trip to the west of Greece will be going ahead, after Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle confirmed the final details with his Greek counterpart earlier today.

Sir Norman, who was stranded abroad for three months after lockdown was imposed during a previous fact finding trip, said the interests of the tripe industry must come first.  “I can’t pretend I will particularly enjoy visiting Greece under the current circumstances, but it is important that we continue the vital task of finding out how other nations and cultures approach tripe consumption,” he said.

Previously planned visits to local abattoirs will not now be taking place, but Sir Norman said he would use the time to cement relationships with his Greek colleagues. “I don’t think it will impact on my schedule of meetings too severely.  More of my meetings may have to be outdoors – with appropriate social distancing, of course,” Sir Norman said, adding “This will go some way to assuage my disappointment at the cancellation of the 2020 conference of European Meat and Allied Products Producers in July.”