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TripeDog 2020 Grand Final – coming soon!

It’s almost here – the first Grand Final to find the canine face of tripe for five years!

The record 124 finalists have been whittled down to just four fabulous contenders.  Voting opens on Sunday 11 October and will take place in four rounds.

Round 1:  The dog most likely to bite Nigel Farage should the opportunity present itself

Round 2: The dog most likely to devour a bowl of tripe

Round 3: The dog most likely to sell their ‘Kiss and Tell’ story to the press

Round 4: The dog most likely to chew your slippers

You can vote for your preferred pooch in each round, and we will tally the final votes to determine who becomes TripeDog 2020.  You’ll be able to find out more about each contender when we publish their full profiles.

The winner will receive this wonderful trophy which is bound to impress their doggy friends, as well as mystery tripe treats, while their owner will be enrolled into Tripe Club and receive a copy of the TMB’s 2021 Diary  (published later this month), a TMB Book of their choice and a set of TMB pin badges.  Runners-up will receive a limited-edition TMB pen.

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