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TripeDog 2020 Grand Finalist – Fizz


Full Name Arizcrow Pizazz is her kennel name, but like all dogs Fizz has many names, miss fizzington, fizz whizz, fizzles and princess fizz.

Age 4

Favourite colour Pale beige tripe.

Favourite TV show Springwatch. Specifically birds, she loves birds.

Personal ambition As well as being tripe dog? To catch a squirrel.

Advice to young pups  Never put off a nap.

TV show you always turn off  Bake off. You can’t eat what you see.

Favourite American 1960s female singer who was the daughter of an actor Liza Minelli.

Favourite lampost  The one right outside our house! Its also by a tree. Double win.

Favourite Pop Star Harry Styles.

I like tripe because “it can be served so many ways, canned, boiled or crispy dried. The versatile snack!”


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