TripeDog 2020 Grand Finalist – PeePee


Full Name PeePee the Aye Chihuahua.

Age I am seven years old – so even in dog years I’m younger than the wumman at the other end o’ my lead.

Favourite colour  Tartan.

Favourite TV show Hannibal – for the recipes!

Personal ambition To bring the joy of tripe to dogs all over the world!

Advice to young pups  Your teeth will only be this sharp for a very short time. Use them well and bite everything!

TV show you always turn off  Prime Minister’s Questions. I think it is meant to be comedy but it’s no funny any mair.

Favourite American 1960s female singer who was the daughter of an actor The one and only Nancy Sinatra! Especially love “These Boots Were Made For Walkies!”

Favourite lampost  The one my pal wee Steve pees on at the edge o’ the woods. He pees on it in the morning and I pee on it at night. We have kept this noble tradition going for years!

Favourite Pop Star Eddi Reader.

I like tripe because “it is the food item most likely to be still available at the height of panic buying!”