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TripeDog 2020 Grand Finalist – Sasha


Full Name Sasha (I can’t tell you my real full name as I’m working undercover).

Age 10 yrs 2 mths

Favourite colour Black. No, white. No, black. Or maybe yellow, like tennis balls. Black and yellow, like wasps, mmm, chilli flies. What colour are squirrels? That one.

Favourite TV show All Creatures Grunt and Smell. Siegfried is lovely.

Personal ambition To be a very good girl and to be #TripeDog 2020 so that I can spread tripey love across the globe, end poverty, ensure world peace and stop cats pooing in my garden.

Advice to young pups  They will try to make you go out in the rain, play dead; befriend the post lady, she has biscuits; blame any indoor puddles on orange squash spilt by the small people.

TV show you always turn off  Anything with those chopsy government nincompoops, they’re barking mad.

Favourite American 1960s female singer who was the daughter of an actor Shirley Bassey (she sometimes had an American accent and her mum once did panto, honest).

Favourite lampost  The one near the bus stop where the boy dogs leave me sexy pee-mails.

Favourite Pop Star Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals).

I like tripe because “it is the food of champions and the only way to make proper eye-stinging fluffs to entertain the humans.”


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