It’s been a brutal two months of dog-eat-dog in the internet’s biggest tripe-based dog show, but the results across the four rounds in the Grand Final have finally been tallied and we are pleased to announce the winner of #TripeDog 2020.

Round 1 – Which of these contenders would be most likely to bite Nigel Farage, should the opportunity present itself? (1258 votes cast)

Doris  477

Fizz 122

PeePee 521

Sasha 138

Round 2 – Which of these dogs would be most likely to devour a bowl of tripe? (880 votes cast)

Doris  310

Fizz  94

PeePee  354

Sasha 122

Round 3 – Which of these dogs is most likely to sell their ‘Kiss and Tell’ story to the press? (128 votes cast)*

NB Doris withdrew during this round. * (Votes received in this round are deducted from the contenders’ overall score)

Fizz -35

PeePee -47

Sasha -46

Round 4 – Which of these dogs is most likely to sell chew your slippers? (548 votes cast)

Fizz 117

PeePee 311

Sasha 120

Visit our #TripeDog winner profile here!



Votes have been rounded from percentages in polls.