TripeDog – the internet’s biggest tripe-based dog contest

The Tripe Marketing Board’s 2020 #TripeDog contest on Twitter is hotting up, with hundreds of votes cast across the first 20 rounds. Further rounds are still to be held, with a record of 124 entries registered.  Head of Competitions at the TMB Mr Sam Frascati said he wasn’t surprised by the interest, given that it’s five years since the contest was last held. He said “I know at least one entrant who was bred specifically for the contest, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others,” adding that the TMB had drafted in extra interns to manage the complex voting procedure.

The contest is being held in part to promote the forthcoming publication of the TMB’s 2021 Diary, which has already been identified as the perfect ‘Secret Santa’ gift idea by many of the board’s Twitter followers. There is no confirmed publication date, but Mr Frascati said he understood it would be ready for World Tripe Day in October.

Meanwhile, tripe retailers have been advised to order additional supplies of tripe as the word about #TripeDog spreads further.  Voting in all current rounds of #TripeDog can be accessed here.