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No one knows more about the difficulties of selling a cow’s stomach than the Tripe Marketing Board.  Over the years, we’ve tried everything to persuade a suspicious public that tripe is tasty — not always with the success we had hoped for.

However, there are signs that we are at last turning the corner.  Our successes in Britain mean that we are now working hard with our colleagues across the Atlantic by lending them the expertise and skill needed to develop the tripe industry in the US.  We've made a start by appointing a new board member with special responsibility for the East Coast and, under our expert tutelage he has already developed a new product - Cowboy Calamari - that looks set to take the States by storm.  More US board appointments are in the pipeline

My recent visit to LA convinced me that both of our countries have much to gain by mutual co-operation to promote tripe. British American Tripe will take our business and our impact very seriously. We know the tripe industry is a controversial one, and so it’s all the more important that we act responsibly, from the cow right through to the consumer.

We've made our UK publications available to tripe lovers in America, through our publishing arm, TMB Books.  To those who argue that the US already has quite enough tripe of its own, we say this - take a look at our tripe.  The county of Lancashire produces some of the finest tripe in the world!

Why not make a start by buying our 2015 Diary? It may well be the only one you ever need.  Or why not give the one you love (or even your boss) the precious gift of tripe this Yuletide?

Sir Norman Wrassle



With an introduction by TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle and the full text of his address to the 2014 board AGM plus a full overview of The Year In Tripe.


A minimum of 20% of the profits from the sale of the Diary will be donated to the UK MS Society.  and you will also be supporting the valuable work of the Tripe Marketing Board in its quest to promote tripe.

Warning: Contains dates and may contain traces of tripe.

The Tripe Marketing Board's 2015 Diary may very well be the only diary you'll ever need!  Once only available to those working in the tripe industry, but now made available to a wider audience thanks to public demand.

Hundreds of tripe facts and figures instantly at your fingertips and articles on tripe and the media, tripe publishing and much, much more will give you a fascinating insight into the social media phenomenon that is the Tripe Marketing Board.

What they said about our
2014 Diary:

"Fabulous!" Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE
"Funny. Very funny" 'Tomb', Essex
"Clearly the product of a fevered mind. Buy it, use it. Ideal for annoying self-starting, technically-aware middle managers" Tony R, London
154mm x 229mm

When the Tripe Marketing Board moved into publishing, people laughed.

Thankfully, they're still laughing.

If you like history, but can't stand all those messy facts, our 'fact-free' books will be right up your street.

TMB Books is the publishing arm of the Tripe Marketing Board.
We've been putting tripe on the bookshelves, coffee tables and butchers' slabs of Britain since 2012. 

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